Torriden SOLID-IN Ceramide Cream 70ml

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Highly moisturizing lightweight facial cream with 20,000 ppm of Natural Ceramide for deep hydration and strengthening the skin barrier. It has a silky and creamy texture and provides rich moisture and rebuilding the skin barrier.

Includes 5D Complex Ceramides, which is Torriden's patented formula, contains Ceramide NP and Ceramide NS+AS+EOP+AP, which are very similar constituents to the skin lipids. The formulated ingredients prevent moisture loss and forms a moisture barrier for supple hydration and nourishment

Product benefits: 

Ceramides exist naturally in your skin but depletes as we age. These lipids help protect skin from environmental agitators like pollution and lock in hydration.

1. 5D complex ceramide, Phytosphingosine and moisturizing factors are combined at the optimum ratio to provide rich moisture and strong moisturizing barrier

2. Soliding system: Torriden’s special stabilized technique to emulsify Ceramide Powder which doesn’t dissolve in water and oil, with active ingredients.

3. A slightly acidic moisturizing cream: A formulation with optimal pH for skin to promote smooth and strong hydration

Core ingredients 

5D complex ceramides which are similar to skin lipids (prevents moisture loss) | Phytosphingosine (promotes absorption of ceramide and deep moisturization) | D-Panthenol (Vitamin B5)


  • Gently apply an appropriate amount at the cream step along with skin texture and gently pat to promote absorption
  • Layer it once more to moisture areas of concern
  • Good to use with a few drops of oil according to your preference
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