Torriden DIVE-IN Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam 150ml

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This mildly acidic moisture foam cleanser has a refreshing finish, strong cleaning power, a moisturizing effect without tautness, and is low in irritation.

The mildly acidic foam brightens your mood while leaving no residue.

A mildly acidic cleansing foam tailored to the skin is required to maintain the skin's moisture barrier. Existing mildly acidic cleansers are slick and leave a residue, but Torriden developed a cleansing foam that improved the mildly acidic cleanser.

The Dive-in Cleansing Foam removes waste while keeping the moisture barrier intact.

Those with sensitive skin can wash their faces without fear, thanks to amino acid moisture bubbles that do not irritate even the most sensitive skin.

Because healthy skin is mildly acidic, the Dive-in Cleansing Foam uses a mildly acidic formula to help maintain a healthy and comfortable skin environment.

Cleansing foam should feel good on the skin, and this mildly acidic cleanser can wash with clean and comfortable moisture without the uncomfortable feeling of slippery cleansing foam.

It not only cleanses but also provides a sense of cleanliness with a moisturizing and refreshing finish.

Product benefits

Cleanse | Hydrate

Core ingredients

5D Complex Hyaluronic Acid | Panthenol (B5) | Allantoin


  • Take an appropriate amount, lather well, gently massage the face, and thoroughly rinse with warm water.
  • On days when your skin is sensitive, lather up a lot of foam to reduce friction and gently massage it.
  • You can remove sun cream and makeup more thoroughly if you use this after the first cleansing with Dive-in Cleansing Water.
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