Torriden BALANCEFUL Toner Pad 180ml (60ea)

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Cleanses sebum and revitalizes through hydration; it’s THE toner pad for flake-free skin. It’s made for sensitive and combination skin dealing with excess sebum and skin texture.

Do you need to clear sebum cleanly but you’re worried that the pads you’re using might irritate your skin?

The embossed pads used by Torriden follows the shape of the pores in order to exfoliate skin. You can cleanly wipe off and clear the sebum with embossed pad and then apply the refreshing CICA essence.

Combination skin concerns require more than calming – non-abrasive exfoliating ingredient LHA + PHA gently removes excess sebum.

Both sides of pad can be used depending on your skin condition: Use embossed side for mild sebum care | Use softer side when in need for skin hydration

Contains 180ml of essence – stays moist until the last pad.

Product benefits 

Excess sebum care | Manage flaky skin | Hypoallergenic ingredients for sensitive skin | Maintain healthy and comfortable skin environment with slightly acidic pH (just like a healthy skin)

Core ingredients 

5D Complex Cica (contains T-percent Calming Complex) | LHA+PHA | Panthenol (Vitamin B5)


  1. Wash your face and use the embossed side to wipe the face except for the eye area, following the direction of the skin texture.
  2. Wipe with the opposite side of the pad to tidy up.
  3. Gently dab the remaining material onto the skin to absorb.
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