Torriden BALANCEFUL Cleansing Gel 200ml

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Sebum-free cleansing gel Solution for the sensitive mixed skin types where they lose all moisture after strong cleansing, and leaves oily residue after mild cleansing. Torriden Balanceful Cleansing Gel has patented ingredients for mixed skin types and helps balance the water and oil of the skin. It cleanses the skin gently by absorbing dirt and impurities with tight, dense bubbles between pores.

Product benefits 

Deep pore cleansing | Decreased sebum production | Reduces skin irritation and refreshes

Core ingredients 

5D Complex Cica (contains T-percent Calming Complex) | LHA (derived salicylic acid) | Panthenol (Vitamin B5)


  • Get a moderate amount of the BALANCEFUL Cleansing Gel on the hands, foam it, and thoroughly cleanse the face.

  • When using as a first-step cleanser for light makeup or sunscreen-applied skin, apply an appropriate amount of gel to the dry face and then moisten it slightly with water and carefully roll it on the troubled areas for a refreshing and clean pore cleansing finish.
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