SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Probio-Cica Enrich Cream 50ml

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Product description:

- Contains fermented Madagascan Centella Asiatica, specially formulated Probio-cica and TECA to provide maximized calming effects.

- Ceramide NP, similar in structure to the skin barrier, and high quality cica are formulated to reinforce the skin barrier's strength by enhancing moisture absorption and repairing damaged skin barriers.

- Firms skin texture and strengthens the skin barrier by cloning the lamellar structure of skin barrier cells, the healthy foundation of skin lipids.

- Contains skin-friendly seed oils that enhances absorption of highly nutritious essence to soothe dry skin.

- High-concentration cream with an advanced formula that gently adheres to the skin and leaves a silky finish.

Product benefits:

Strengthening skin barrier | firms skin texture | soothing

Key ingredients:

Centella Asiatica Extract | Ceramide NP | Skin-friendly seed oils


- Apply and spread gently on the skin at the last step of your skincare routine, and lightly tap to absorb into the skin.

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