Mixsoon Bean Duo (Bean Essence 50ml +Bean Cream 50ml)

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Bean Essence is a gentle essence, best for exfoliating and hydrating textured skin with zero skin irritation.

Strengthens skin health, moisturizes & revitalizes skin tone, exfoliates & smooths skin texture, and provides natural antioxidants rich in vitamin C&E.

Bean Cream is a great moisturizer that forms a protective layer on the skin and retains moisture

Smooth and thick texture full of nutrients, providing vitality for dull skin without stickiness.

Vegan & cruelty-free. Free from alcohol and artificial fragrance.

Best bean combination for glass skin as it offers dual exfoliating and moisturizing care for dull textured skin.

Its rich nourishing ingredients balance skin oils and moisture

Key ingredients:

  • Fermented Bean & Lactobacillus (enhances skin health with rich nutrients)
  • Fermented Barley (revitalizes skin tone with vitamins)
  • Fermented pomegranate (exfoliation care for smooth skin)
  • Fermented Korean Pear (natural antioxidants)


mixsoon Bean Essence & Bean Cream is suitable for both morning and evening skincare routines.

·         Apply the Bean Essence first and then Bean cream as the final step of your skincare routine, or before applying sunscreen.

·         It helps to improve skin texture, lock in hydration and seal the benefits of the products applied before it.

Use the Bean Essence and Cream as part of your daily skin care routine, or the bean essence 2-3 times a week when using as an exfoliating essence.

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