Dr.G Red Blemish Clear Soothing Cream 70ml

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Product description:

Powerful soothing and hydrating cream. Relaxing and calming for sensitized skin. Light weight and non-sticky texture.

▶ Powerful soothing effect: 10 types of key cica ingredients specialized for sensitive skin to provide a stronger soothing effect

▶ Hydration: Ultrafine particles, smaller than pores, quickly penetrate the skin through to the 10th layer of the stratum corneum and provide 100 hours of long-lasting deep hydration.

▶ Mild formula: A gentle upgrade with Dr.G's exclusive Eco-Cica, obtained via a mild extraction using new eco-friendly process ! Completed testing for acne-prone skin and allergy tested to ensure that it is relaxing for different types of skin.

Product benefits:

Powerful soothing effect | 100hrs of long-lasting Hydration | Reduces redness and irritation in skin

Clinically verified benefits!

R.E.D Blemish Cream relieves 5 types of irritation in daily life.

After using the product for 2 weeks:

  • 29.7% reduction of skin irritation induced by physical irritation.
  • 23.3% reduction of skin irritation induced by external irritation.
  • 10.3% reduction of skin irritation induced by infrared light (heat).
  • 19.7% reduction of skin irritation induced by facemasks.
  • 23.3% reduction of skin irritation induced by UV rays.

*Based on the clinical test on 20 adult females aged between 19-60


Key ingredients:

EWG Green grade ingredients | Plant derived extracts | Green tea enzymes | 10-Cica complex


Apply a proper amount to the face evenly then lightly cover the skin with the palms of your hands to help the product to be absorbed.

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