Celimax Derma Nature Fresh Blackhead Jojoba Cleansing Oil 20ml

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Miniature version of Celimax Fresh Blackhead Jojoba Cleansing Oil

Light and non-greasy cleansing oil for all skin type

  • Gently yet perfectly removes heavy makeup. Even water proof makeup is removed without an effort.
  • Light & non-greasy cleansing oil: The water-soluble formula rinses thoroughly and leaves freshness instead of oily residue. No tightness after cleansing.
  • 6 Naturally derived nourishing and hydrating plant oil ingredients completely dissolve makeup while preserving the skin’s natural hydration.
  • As known as ‘Headshot Oil’ due to its blackhead removing feature. Jojoba oil helps to dissolve blackheads, whiteheads and excessive sebum with its biomimetic function to the skin’s natural oil.
  • Weeks of continuous usage would help to reduce blackheads. Through the daily use, skin turns out clean and clear. Highly nutritive formula nourishes and hydrates skin for younger and radiant look.

Product Benefits

Daily make-up remover | Facial cleanser | Clogged pore and blackhead remover | Deep cleansing

Core ingredients: 6 plant oil – Bergamot fruit oil, Meadowfoam seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, Sunflower seed oil, Sweet almond oil, Olive fruit oil


  1. Dispense pumps on dry hands and massage into face.

Add a small amount of water until the oil emulsifies and turns milky white. Massage one more time, then rinse with water.

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