Aromatica Pure & Soft Feminine Wash (Chamomile & Tea Tree) 170ml

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Product description:

A foam type women's cleanser that makes women's delicate and sensitive areas refreshing

Chamomile and tea tree essential oils help soothe and purify the skin, and soft bubbles containing probiotics and prebiotics help maintain a clean Y-zone environment

The Y-zone requires strict management such as maintaining low acidity and low irritation as well as cleanliness. Use women's cleanliness specialized in the Y-zone, not regular soap or body wash.

Remove wastes smoothly without irritation with almond-derived cleaning ingredients and gently manage sensitive skin with chamomile flower extract and tea tree leaf extract that helps calm down

Product benefits

Soothing | Moisturizing | Antibacterial

Core ingredients

Cleaning ingredients derived from Almonds | Chamomile flower extract | Lactobacillus | Tea Tree leaf extract


  1. Pump two to three times into the palm of your hand to form a soft foam
  2. After gently cleansing the Y-zone, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water
  3. All women over the age of 4 can use it with confidence every day
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